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Legal Malpractice Case Results


  • We recently resolved a case where an attorney assured the client that she needed his assistance in collecting on her under insured motorist insurance policies, after a car accident.  He collected $165,000 that she could easily have collected on her own and charged her a $58,000 fee.  He also assured her that he was an expert on tire blowout cases – in fact, he had no experience in this area.  After delaying for a long period in securing key evidence and being repeatedly warned that it would be destroyed if he did not secure it, the key evidence was destroyed.  This cost the client the opportunity to pursue a claim for the wrongful death of her 23 year old son.  The attorney then lied to her about securing the evidence.  The Entrekin Law Firm obtained a very large, confidential legal malpractice settlement for the client.
  • In one of our cases, a client who had defaulted on millions of dollars of real estate loans had complete immunity from a deficiency lawsuit by the bank under state statutes.  The defendant attorney failed to make any effort to plead these statutes and as a result, the client was hit with a large deficiency judgment, despite the fact that state laws said the client was immune from such a judgment.  This case resolved fairly quickly.
  • We obtained a large, confidential settlement for a client who was catastrophically injured when a truck ran into him.  His lawyer recovered the first $100,000 of liability insurance, took a $35,000 fee and then, because he failed to read the insurance contract, voided $1,300,000 in insurance coverage to which the client would have been entitled.  The defendant attorney was working for one of the largest law firms in the State of Arizona when the malpractice occurred.