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Arizona Burn Injury Lawyer

Burn injury cases are different from other personal injury cases.

A skilled burn injury attorney needs to have a strong grasp of defective product law, premise liability law, worker’s compensation law and construction law.

That attorney also needs a thorough knowledge of the distinctive injuries associated with different types of burns – such as electrocution burns and scald burns – and the treatment methods at the two dedicated burn centers in Phoenix and one in Tucson.

Typical symptoms of a burn injury include, but are not limited to:

  • blisters
  • pain
  • peeling skin
  • red skin
  • shock
  • swelling
  • white or charred skin

Pain, however, is not an indicator of the severity of a burn. Some of the most serious burns can be painless, as they char and burn through nerves and pain receptors. Signs of shock are pale and clammy skin, weakness, bluish lips and fingernails, and a decrease in alertness.

When handling a burn injury case, the attorney needs to be well funded, in order to retain fire forensics experts, construction experts, site investigators, chemical engineers and/or product safety experts and make prompt inspection of what happened.


A qualified Arizona burn injury attorney must also have personal relationships with experts ranging from chemical engineers, to plastic surgeons, to commercial plumbers, in order to put together the often complicated burn injury case.

Serious burn injury cases often involve large sums of money and so defendants will often fight hard. A burn injury attorney needs to be able to put the whole case together, through trial and appeal if necessary.

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“Lance was here for us throughout the whole process, he got us a settlement that was beyond our expectations.” C.N. Burn Survivor *actual client not pictured


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Burn Centers


Seventy percent of burn survivors are male and roughly 70% of burn injuries requiring treatment occur in the home.


Burns from an open flame or scalding by a hot liquid account for nearly 80% of burn cases.


Only 4% of cases admitted to a burn center prove to be fatal.

A case is appropriately referred to a burn center if it involves

1 Partial thickness burns greater than 10% of the total body surface area (TBSA)
2 Burns that involve the face, hands, feet, major joints or genitalia
3 Third-degree burns
4 Electrical or chemical burns
5 Inhalation injury
6 Burn injury in patients with preexisting medical disorders
7 Any patients with burns and concomitant trauma in which the burn injury
poses the greatest risk of morbidity or mortality
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