suffered financial
losses because of
your last attorney?

we work to make it right


holding attorneys

legal malpractice attorneys



at legal malpractice


suffered financial
losses because of
your last attorney?

we work to make it right

$1.1M For a single man
$30M For a mother and two children
$2M For a married couple
$7.5M For a married couple
$3M For a single man
$2M For a single man
$1M For a pair of sisters
$1M For a married couple
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Legal Malpractice Attorneys

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The Entrekin Law Firm has more experience than almost any firm in the country and a long track record of outstanding results. We help clients Nation-Wide with their Legal Malpractice cases.


How to Sue Your Lawyer for Malpractice



Why is The Entrekin Law Firm the best legal malpractice attorney for your case?

Here are some reasons for we have the best legal malpractice attorney.

  • Our team at The Entrekin Law Firm both defends and prosecutes cases all over the country.
  • We value joint ventures and referrals, consistent with all applicable rules.
  • We also provide mediation services and expert consultant services in high dollar legal malpractice cases.


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When lawyers make serious errors,
They must be held accountable.

Clients put their complete trust in their attorney and believe that they
are being represented by a competent person.

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  • Failing to communicate with client
  • Failing to keep track of important documents
  • Ethical violations
  • Gross incompetence
  • Failing to file suit within the statute of limitations
  • Breaching fiduciary responsibility
  • Charging excessive fees
  • Failing to reveal a conflict of interest


  • There must be evidence showing an attorney-client relationship;
  • The attorney's negligence must be proven to a 51% probability;
  • Proof must show that because of the attorney's negligence, the client suffered serious financial loss;
  • Legal Malpractice claim must be filed within the statute of limitations;

Past cases

We have resolved legal malpractice cases for several million dollars on behalf of plaintiffs and successfully defended claims against law firms seeking several million dollars, all over the country.

In one of our cases, a client who had defaulted on millions of dollars of real estate loans had complete immunity from a deficiency lawsuit by the bank under state statutes. The defendant attorney failed to make any effort to plead these statutes and as a result, the client was hit with a large deficiency judgment, despite the fact that state laws said the client was immune from such a judgment. This case resolved fairly quickly.

We obtained a large, confidential settlement for a client who was catastrophically injured when a truck ran into him. His lawyer recovered the first $100,000 of liability insurance, took a $35,000 fee and then, because he failed to read the insurance contract, voided $1,300,000 in insurance coverage to which the client would have been entitled. The defendant attorney was working for one of the largest law firms in the State of Arizona when the malpractice occurred.

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