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Glendale Personal Injury Attorney

Every day, hundreds of people suffer injuries in preventable accidents in the Glendale, Arizona area. Unfortunately, even a mild to moderate injury can result in significant costs in terms of medical bills and future treatment as well as lost wages and earnings potential at work. If the injuries are severe, these costs can be even greater.

If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of the actions of another person, you may be eligible for financial compensation. At The Entrekin Law Firm, our Glendale personal injury lawyers can help you identify who is responsible and maximize the value of your claim, allowing you to recover and move forward.

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Compensation Available in Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury law allows injured persons to recover financial compensation from the legally responsible person or entity. In most cases, liability is based on the concept of negligence. If a person’s careless, reckless, or intentional actions or failure to act causes someone to be injured and suffer tangible losses, they may be held legally responsible.

However, recovering the compensation that you are entitled to for your personal injury requires that you collect evidence to prove that someone or something else was at fault for the accident. This can include police or incident reports, surveillance footage, maintenance logs, eyewitness testimony, photographs, accident reconstruction, vehicle black box data, and many other forms of evidence depending upon the circumstances

There are many different types of accidents that may result in a valid personal injury claim. However, the most common include:

Motor vehicle accidents – This can include car accidents, commercial truck accidents, collisions with pedestrians, and Uber or Lyft accidents. With the meteoric rise of Amazon and food delivery applications like Grubhub, Doordash and Uber Eats, collisions involving delivery trucks and gig economy vehicles have increased as well. A Glendale car accident attorney can help you explore your legal options and seek compensation on your behalf.

Premises liability – When someone is injured on another person’s property there is the potential for a premises liability claim. Most commonly, they involve slips, trips and falls, dog bites, negligent security, and swimming pool accidents.

Work-related accidents – Being injured on the job can dramatically affect your life. While the safety net of workers’ compensation is available to most employees, in certain situations you may be able to file a personal injury case. Work injury cases are extremely common in the construction industry.

Wrongful death – The tragic loss of a loved one leaves both an emotional void as well as a financial one. Wrongful death claims can recover compensation for surviving family members to cover funeral costs, loss of companionship, and the lost earnings that the decedent would have earned.

Common Types of Personal Injuries that You Could be Entitled to Compensation For

A serious injury can result from any type of accident, from car collisions to slip and falls. However, some injuries cause greater financial strain than others. These include:

Traumatic Brain Injury: A traumatic brain injury, or TBI, can lead to long-term health implications that result in significant medical costs and also an impact on your ability to work and support yourself and your family. A TBI is caused by a bump, blow, or penetrating wound to your head, and is most often caused by motor vehicle accidents or falls. It can cause permanent chemical changes in your brain that can impact your ability to concentrate and even impact your personality, impacting your ability to work and live the same life as before the accident.

Burn Injury: Burn injuries can be severe and are among the most painful injuries one can suffer.
They also result in significant scarring and disfigurement in many cases and require painful and expensive skin grafts. Full-thickness burns on extremities can even require amputation.

Spinal Cord Injury: An injury to the spinal cord can cause temporary or permanent paralysis, including paraplegia, quadriplegia and tetraplegia. The lifetime costs associated with serious spinal cord injuries are staggering and your attorney must be aware of your needs moving forward.

Broken bones and fractures: Even a hairline fracture can be extremely painful and take months to heal. More severe breaks such as an open fracture can be catastrophic.

Ligament and nerve damage: Ligament damage can greatly impact your mobility and often requires surgical intervention to heal correctly. Nerve damage can be difficult to identify, but make it impossible to live a normal life without intense physical therapy and treatment.

Of course, there are many other injuries – both moderate and severe – that may result from an accident. In some cases, an injured person may suffer a combination of several different serious injuries.

Damages Include Both Short- and Long-Term Medical Bills and Lost Income

The damages for your personal injury will include both short- and long-term medical bills, like emergency room bills, medications, and any ongoing treatment, rehabilitation, and other ongoing medical costs. Additionally, your damages will include the replacement of any lost wages and work benefits during your recovery, and compensation for any of the lost earnings potential your injuries might cause in the future.

Damages for your personal injury generally include:

  • short-term medical expenses like ER bills
  • long-term medical expenses like treatments, surgeries, medications, and rehabilitation
  • lost wages and work benefits
  • any impact on your ability to earn income in the future
  • potentially damages for pain and suffering, depending on the circumstances

You can only collect on damages that you can prove with evidence, and incorporate into a claim that you submit to the party responsible for your accident. The process can be complex and time-consuming, and it is best completed with the support of a local Glendale personal injury attorney.

Connect with a Glendale Personal Injury Attorney for Help on Your Claim

With one of the dedicated Glendale personal injury attorneys from The Entrekin Law Firm on your case or claim, you can rest assured that you will recover the full amount in compensation that you are entitled to. We handle your claim every step of the way, and if a fair settlement cannot be reached, we take the insurance company to court on your behalf.

Our experienced Glendale personal injury lawyers are standing by, so schedule a consultation with us to explore options on your case. Don’t wait too long though, as you only have a limited amount of time to bring a claim to collect your damages.

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