Are Commercial Trucks Allowed in the Left Lane in Arizona?

In Arizona, all vehicles, including commercial trucks, tractor trailers, and other large vehicles, are supposed to stay out of the left lane whenever possible unless they are passing a slower car. This rule applies to all highways with two or more lanes going in the same direction, with a few exceptions. 

For instance, if there is only one open lane because of construction or an accident, then commercial trucks can use the left lane for any purpose such as passing or even just driving. 

What to Do After an Accident With a Commercial Truck

Being involved in an accident with a commercial truck can be stressful and overwhelming but there is help available if needed. Below are some of the first steps you should take after being involved in an accident.

Document the Scene 

If possible, take photos and videos of the scene of the accident. This will help give your legal team a better understanding of what happened and how it could have been prevented. Get detailed notes from anyone who witnessed the accident. 

It’s also important to get contact information from everyone involved, including the driver and any other people who may have seen what happened.  

Speak With an Experienced Attorney 

The best thing you can do after being involved in an accident with a commercial truck is speak with an experienced attorney right away. A lawyer who specializes in truck accidents will have the knowledge and experience necessary to protect your rights and ensure that you receive compensation for your losses. 

A Phoenix truck accident attorney can help guide you through the process of filing a claim against the liable party, helping you navigate any potential legal issues that may arise along the way.         

Follow Through With Medical Treatment 

In addition to seeking medical attention immediately after the accident or when symptoms start appearing, it’s important that you continue following up with medical professionals until treatment has been completed or your condition has improved significantly. 

Doing so will help ensure that all your medical expenses are covered by insurance companies or by those responsible for causing your injury or illness.  

Evaluate Your Damages 

It’s important to document all your damages from the accident, including medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering so you can properly calculate how much money you are owed for your losses. Your personal injury attorney in Phoenix will use this information to negotiate a settlement on your behalf or go to trial if necessary.  

Determining Liability in Commercial Truck Accidents in Arizona

When determining who was at fault for an accident involving a large commercial truck, several factors must be considered. Examples include whether proper safety protocols were followed, if there was an issue with weight distribution or mechanical failure, and if speed limits or other traffic laws were violated prior to or during the collision. All these factors will help determine who was liable for any damages caused by the incident. 

Common Misconceptions About Left Lane Truck Accidents

One common misconception is that if a truck driver is driving in the left lane when an accident occurs, they are automatically liable for any damages caused by the incident. This is not true; a trucker’s responsibility depends on who was at fault for causing the accident, and the fact that they were driving in the left lane won’t automatically make them responsible.  

If you were involved in an accident with a commercial truck and you need help with a claim, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.