Tactics Insurance Companies Use to Avoid Paying Car Accident Claims

Many accident victims believe that they will be treated fairly by the insurance company and receiving a acceptable settlement will occur promptly. However, this is not the experience that many people have, even if they are dealing with their own insurance companies. Insurance companies are for-profit companies that stay in business by taking in more premiums than they pay out in claims, so they are vested in avoiding paying out Phoenix car accident claims in any way possible. 

Entrekin Law Firm knows the tactics insurance companies try to avoid paying out fair compensation to victims. We will fight hard to help you recover the compensation you need. Below, we discuss some of the tactics insurance companies may play and how we can help.

Not Investigating the Claim 

Sometimes, insurance companies will not deploy their resources to investigate a claim because they just plan on denying the claim. Without a proper investigation, an insurance company will lack the necessary information to determine fault and compensation.  

Providing Incorrect Information 

Another tactic insurance companies may use is to provide incorrect information to claimants. For example, they may refer to clauses in the insurance policy that do not exist or do not apply to the situation. Sometimes, insurance companies will go so far as to tell claimants that they don’t need a lawyer.  

Using Blanket Denials 

After receiving notice of a claim, the insurance company may respond by giving a curt denial. This denial may include no reason why the claim is being denied or may be a blanket denial that is automatically sent out to any claimant. This type of tactic is so harmful that the insurance company can face possible claims of bad faith insurance practices. 

Not Responding to Inquiries

Many claimants are anxious to get the money they need following a car accident to pay for their vehicle repairs and medical bills. However, they may be delayed in being able to pay off these bills when the insurance company and its representatives fail to update the claimant after they call, email, or write. 

Delaying Claims 

Sometimes there is an imbalance between insurance companies and claimants. A car accident victim was never planning on being involved in an accident that resulted in the need for expensive car repairs, exorbitant medical costs, and lost wages from work. They may be anxious to quickly resolve their claim to take care of these expenses. However, insurance companies are often not in a hurry to resolve claims. Instead, they may simply delay the claim for no valid reason. This may even be an attempt to intimidate the claimant into accepting a lower settlement because they can no longer afford to wait any longer for a settlement. 

Purposely Undervaluing Claims

Finally, if an insurance company cannot find a valid way to deny a claim in its entirety, it may purposefully undervalue the claim for less than it is worth. For example, they may try to settle the claim for less than the costs to repair the vehicle or the medical expenses the victim incurs.

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