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Determining Whether a Lawyer’s Mistake Can Result in a Legal Negligence Lawsuit

Being human, lawyers make many mistakes, but most of those mistakes will not become the basis for a successful Arizona legal negligence lawsuit. In order for a lawyer’s mistake to result in a successful negligence lawsuit, you must prove, through the use of an expert witness in most cases, that the mistake was not one a reasonably prudent lawyer would…

Termination of the Attorney/Client Relationship

An issue that arises in Arizona legal malpractice cases frequently is whether the attorney client relationship had been properly terminated when a particular event occurred.  There are two ways to terminate an attorney-client relationship: 1) as a matter of law; and 2) as a matter of fact. Termination as a matter of law means that the occurrence of a certain…

Suing an Attorney for Breach of Contract

While an attorney usually signs a written contract agreeing to represent a client, known as a “retainer,” the grounds upon which a negligent Arizona attorney may be sued are generally not contractual.  This is for the benefit of the client, in that it prevents the attorney from drafting a contract hugely to the attorney’s advantage. Duties of an Attorney Regardless…

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