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Pre Judgment Interest in Arizona Law

Let’s say you obtain an award of damages against your former attorney in a Phoenix legal malpractice lawsuit.  You may be entitled to prejudgment interest. In my home state of Arizona, the law on prejudgment interest is similar to the law in most other states. Arizona Law on Pre Judgement Interest Whether a party is entitled to prejudgment interest is…

Determining Whether a Lawyer’s Mistake Can Result in a Legal Negligence Lawsuit

Being human, lawyers make many mistakes, but most of those mistakes will not become the basis for a successful Arizona legal negligence lawsuit. In order for a lawyer’s mistake to result in a successful negligence lawsuit, you must prove, through the use of an expert witness in most cases, that the mistake was not one a reasonably prudent lawyer would…

Termination of the Attorney/Client Relationship

An issue that arises in Arizona legal malpractice cases frequently is whether the attorney client relationship had been properly terminated when a particular event occurred.  There are two ways to terminate an attorney-client relationship: 1) as a matter of law; and 2) as a matter of fact. Termination as a matter of law means that the occurrence of a certain…

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