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Attorney Negligence Lawyer
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Attorney Negligence Lawyer

If you believe the legal representative you hired was negligent in handling your case, contact our attorney negligence lawyer in Arizona. Hold your lawyer accountable for their negligence.

When Can You Sue Your Lawyer for Negligence?

Erroneous advice, the statute of limitations, failure to supervise, and lack of knowledge all are common types of lawyer negligence, but lawyer negligence takes many additional forms. “Negligence” means that a lawyer failed to act as a reasonably prudent lawyer would have in the same or similar circumstances. Imagine if you had a valuable case and your lawyer simply missed the deadline for the statute of limitations and you can’t pursue compensation…

A Case Our Negligence Attorney Handled

The Entrekin Law Firm once had a case where a lawyer failed to provide any defense for his clients’ small limited liability company because the company had no money. Consequently, a default judgment was entered against the company. The lawyer failed to consider that his clients had guaranteed the company’s debts, making them liable for the full amount of the judgment. This is one of many examples of a lawyer acting negligently.

Contact Our Phoenix Attorney Negligence Lawyer Today

Again, there are a variety of negligence errors that can occur that you can hold your attorney liable for. The most common malpractice claims against a lawyer are: the lawyer stops working on your case, an error occurs because the attorney fails to supervise their assistants, missing the statue of limitations and lawyer settling for far less than they should have. Contact our attorney negligence lawyer today.

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