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Statute of Limitations Attorney

Our statute of limitations attorneys hold lawyers accountable for not upholding their duties and missing the statute of limitations mark.

In rare cases, plaintiffs have as little as one year or as many as six years to file their claims, but generally, they have between two and four years to file, depending on the state and the theory they are alleging.  In some rare instances, they are required to file notices even earlier than the one year mark.

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Our legal malpractice attorneys hold attorneys responsible for hurting or losing your case by missing the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations is a time limit that is once run out, you cannot sue or pursue legal claims. Although there are some exceptions such as murder charges for the statute of limitations, in most cases, you cannot file a personal injury once the statute of limitations has run out.

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All attorneys and lawyers should be aware of for your case. It is their responsibility to know when the statute of limitations is up and file the claims before the time expires.

If your attorney was negligent, missed the statute of limitations and failed to uphold their required duties, contact our malpractice lawyers today.