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Intentional Acts Attorney

Contact our Arizona intentional acts case attorney for the rare case of attorneys stealing from their clients, lie about it or engage in other intentional acts. Fortunately, these cases are pretty rare, but when they occur, the liability portion of the case is easy and the issue is usually either: 1) whether the defendant’s attorney has any money to recover; or 2) whether the defendant attorney’s insurer will agree that there is coverage.

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A lawyer or law firm stealing money from their clients is a seriously dishonorable crime. Law firms are supposed to show high moral principles and defend their client’s from receiving unjust convictions. A lawyer or law firm stealing money from their client’s cases is unacceptable, is an attorney acting in their own best interest and clients should seek contact a breach of fiduciary duty lawyer to recover the monetary losses they have suffered.

Intentional Acts Case We’ve Handled in the Past

An example of the first type of case occurred when The Entrekin Law Firm was contacted about an attorney who was a drug addict and had stolen over $2,000,000 out of his own trust account. The attorney was a transactional attorney who held the money for his developer clients and he had stolen the money in order to purchase drugs. Unfortunately, subsequent investigation revealed that the attorney had no money, no assets, and no liability insurance, so while he was disbarred, there was no way to recover money in a legal malpractice case against him.

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