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Legal Lack of Knowledge Attorney
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Legal Lack of Knowledge Attorney

Our Phoenix legal lack of knowledge lawyer will hold attorneys accountable for lacking the basic skills to represent their clients. Attorneys are not required to be the leading expert in every area in which they practice. One authority stated: that an attorney must ‘… possess such a reasonable knowledge of the law as is ordinarily possessed by other attorneys, and to discover those additional rules of law which, although not commonly known, may be readily found by standard research techniques.’ 7A C.J.S. Attorney and Client, § 256 (1980).

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The Entrekin Law Firm handled a case many years ago in which an attorney did not know how to properly file a lis pendens. The attorney filed the lis pendens incorrectly and because of this, a large real estate transaction fell apart. The attorney’s client was sued because of this and had to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars, because of his attorney’s lack of knowledge. The Arizona lack of knowledge attorney at the Entrekin Law Firm brought a subsequent legal malpractice lawsuit on this basis.

legal lack of knowledge attorney

Examples of Lack of Knowledge Cases You Can Get Compensation For

When you are someone hiring a supposed ‘legal expert’, it may be difficult to determine if your attorney’s lack of experience damaged and cost your case a loss of a lot of money.

Here are some examples of a lawyer’s lack of experience hurting your case:

  • Let’s say your friend says they know a lawyer when you are injured in a car accident. You get the attorney’s number and give them a call. The lawyer reassures you they can take on the case but in actuality, the attorney has no idea how to handle your personal injury case because it is not their specialty. Their little understanding of the subject can potentially lead to legal malpractice.
  • A hired lawyer pressures you to settle the case for well below the valued case’s fair value. If your attorney settles a case even though there was considerable evidence for far greater claims but your legal representative just had a lack of knowledge to take the case to trial.

These are common malpractice claims you can pursue compensation for.

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If an attorney fails to exercise the basic knowledge which would be reasonably expected of an attorney of ordinary skill and prudence in the same or similar circumstances, they are liable for negligence to the client. In some cases they could be liable for a breach of contract. If you believe you have a case, contact our Arizona lack of knowledge attorney today for a free consultation to build your case.

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